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The second day at Pubcon Las Vegas began with the daily introduction by Brett Tabke & then came the most awaited Keynote address of the conference by Matt Cutts.

So, let's do a quick revision of what all happened on Day 2 at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013.

1.) Moonshots, Machine Learning & Future of Google Search: Keynote Address by Matt Cutts at #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013

Proud that Google has doubled down on "Moonshot" changes, Matt Cutts started the address with the state of index & discussed the future of Google search. Cutts talked about the Core Quality Changes in the web world, Webspam Changes, why it is important to be better at Communication, Future of Search, and Webspam Trends. Towards the end of the session, Matt Cutts did give advice to come up with a mobile plan, have rich snippets, use requestAutocomplete, and avoid showing a barrage of ads above the fold.

  • Speaker: Matt Cutts

2.) Link Building in a Penguin Age: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 2!

Followed by Matt Cutts keynote, was an interesting session on Link Building in a Penguin Age by Jim Boykin. While Jim pointed out link building myths, he also gave Penguin solutions to help link builders create a solid online marketing success strategy.

Speaker: Jim Boykin, Founder & CEO, Internet Marketing Ninjas

3.) Campaign Development for Content Marketing: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 2!

In the world of Google updates, it is essential to have a solid content marketing strategy. The session covered importance of aspects like planning, delegating, writing, and proofing in framing your content strategy. Jenneva believes that the content must be written to make the brand a subject of discussion amongst consumers, drive traffic & leads, and to generate links. Steve discussed his "Bruce Lee Guide to Strategic Content" in the session.


  • Roger Dooley


  • Phillip Thune – CEO Americas, Textbroker International
  • Jenneva Vargas – Engagement Specialist, BeautyArmy, Inc.
  • Steve Floyd – CEO / Founder, AXZM

4.) Post Click Marketing: Landing Page Optimization: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 2!

An hour long session with Chris Goward, Janet Driscoll Miller, and Scott Brinker was all about optimization of landing pages and where the traffic goes post-click. Attendees were told how important it is to match the keywords on landing page & the ad and to include call to action. Colors also play an important role in supporting the call to action. 

You will get more information about the session from Janet's presentation


  • David Szetela


  • Chris Goward CEO, WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization
  • Janet Driscoll Miller – President& CEO, Search Mojo
  • Scott Brinker – President & CTO, ion interactive, Inc.

5.) Social Media, Press Relations, & Brand Management: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 2!

An interesting session on social media, the speakers addressed how it can further a press agenda and amplify the message of an enterprise. Social media has the power to propel a news item. The three-pronged strategy discussed in the session is quiet helpful in outreaching to influencers, teaming up with companies that have a large number of fans, and counting on a genuine public interest news to invite the attention of the press.

Here's the presentation on the session.


  • Stoney deGeyter


  • Sarah Carling – Co-Founder/Director of Operations, Obsidian Edge
  • Sean Jackson – Founding Partner, Copyblogger Media
  • David Mink – CEO, Founding Partner, Avalaunch Media

6.) Scaling Up With High Quality Content: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 2!

For those worried about high quality content creation, the session was quite worthwhile. In the 2013 era, speakers believe that there's no excuse for writing bad content. With so much of data and resources available, it is even easier to serve your audience right. Speakers discussed the tools for making a content strategy and how one can find good ideas for content data collection sources. The gist of the session is create content while keeping the audience in mind, use appealing graphics, choose the right medium, and design a niche content launch strategy.

Here's the link to Michael King's presentation.

Here's the link to Ben Cook's presentation on Creating Immortal Content


  • Todd Friesen


  • Michael King – Director of Inbound Marketing, iAcquire
  • David Snyder – CEO, CopyPress
  • Ben Cook – President, Direct Match Media

7.) A Session on Pinterest at #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 2!

If your content marketing campaign revolves around Pinterest, it is essential to have a fair idea of how to utilize the social media channel for your benefit. In this hour long session, John & Vince discussed how businesses can utilize the channel for brand engagement, to get deeper consumer insight, to attract impressive traffic.

Here's Vince's Presentation.


  • Carolyn Shelby


  • Vince Blackham – Director of Social Media, 97th Floor
  • John Rampton – Editor, Search Engine Journal

8.) Strategies for Content Marketing: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 2!

The session on strategies for content marketing covered the ways to build a content plan, manage editorial calendar, and keep a track of content. Arienne advised content creators to make an annual editorial calendar of all the events, holidays, and cycles as this is going to be the foundation of building a content marketing plan. Editorial budget was also discussed in the session.

Have a look at the presentation by Arienne Holland.


  • Michael Martin


  • Joe Youngblood – Senior Specialist, WrightIMC
  • Kate Morris – Principal Consultant, Distilled
  • Arienne Holland – Communications Director, Raven Internet Marketing Tools

9.) Keyword Research and Selection: #Pubcon Las Vegas 2013, Day 2!

The session revolved around why choosing the right keywords will hugely affect your online marketing campaign. While some believe that keywords are no longer relevant for voice search & search queries, speakers focused on why keyword research is still valuable and what has actually happened after the Google updates.

Here's the presentation by Stoney.


  • William Leake


  • Craig Paddock – Managing Partner, Boost Search Marketing
  • Mark Barrera – Chief Search Officer/Partner, Buzzshift
  • Stoney deGeyter – President, Pole Position Marketing

We will be bringing you more updates from Pubcon.

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