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Marking an end to the #GoogleRecon week, here comes the last tip from Google on reconsideration requests. This one says,

Submit your reconsideration request along with helpful documentation.

Day 5 of #GoogleRecon Week: Submit your Reconsideration Request Along with Helpful Documentation

  • For linking issues: include a list of links you have removed, disavowed or nofollowed (based on the issue)
  • For hacked issues: add examples of injected or cloaked URLs that are now clean or return 404
  • For content issues: explain changes you made to provide significant value for your users

Google says that you can also link to documents that describe your efforts. However, simply submitting a blank site will not lead to a successful reconsideration request. You have to be patient after submitting the request as it usually takes a few weeks to process the request.

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Day 5 of #GoogleRecon Week: Submit your Reconsideration Request Along with Helpful Documentation!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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