Details on New MSFT Live Search

Sep 11, 2006 | 2,478 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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It has been reported that MSN recently sent out a MSN Newsletter stating that MSN Search is no more as it is about to be retired. The letter says , "The beta, or pre-release, testing of Windows Live Search is nearly over so if you've used it or sent us feedback we salute you – don't worry no group hugs or anything, just a genuine thanks from the team. The new Windows Live Search allows for far more customisation, control and accuracy than ever before and is now a lean mean searching machine with many new features such as the ability to determine how much information you want displayed on your query results and the new in-site search."

The new page has great new features that you won't find with other search engines. You can customise your personal homepage, try the new search tools and also get the new Windows Live Toolbar. Find Windows Live Search at and on MSN. Since it is soon to begin, keep looking out for the change over to Windows Live Search on or at

1.thumbnail Details on New MSFT Live Search
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1.thumbnail Details on New MSFT Live Search
1.thumbnail Details on New MSFT Live Search