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Submitting your site to the directories helps building the links and also leads to an increase in your search engine rankings. Moreover, you also build credibility for your site, by having them listed in directories, as a site is checked before being accepted by the directories. The directory editors are the ones who you are aiming to please with your submission.

The key here is to avoid being promotional, while submission. You must refer to your site in the third person, and must refrain from blowing your own trumpet. So the things to avoid here are direct marketing hype, sales pitches, subjective commentary, and over the top repetition. There are many other things to keep in mind, when you get down to directory submissions. So, here is all you wanted to know about directory submissions:

Directory Submission

Choosing the Right Directories:

This is the first and the most important step. You need to pick from the free directories (these directories, accept your submissions, for free) or from the paid ones. There needs to be the right balance, however, paid submissions are recommendable as the links seem to last a lot longer. In the case of free directories, it has been noted that after a year of submissions, links are often deleted. However, there are directories that have been there since long, and you must submit to those.

You need to work out the right combination of General Web Directories (these have many different categories to submit websites) and the Pure Niche Web Directories (these take submissions of websites in a single main category). To arrive at the best niche directories, a search on search engines for directories in your niche, will lead you to the top directories. For the choice of general web directories, rely on the old names.

Directory Submission Guidelines-

This is to be kept in mind that the descriptions of your site must present its content concisely and accurately. The bottom line is that it must not be promotional in nature. If you submit a promotional description, then the acceptance may be delayed or may not happen at all. Another basic point to remember is that you must not ever engage in auto submission. The directories see it as a violation of their codes, and sites that have been submitted are noticed and then deleted from the database. In case you will continue with automatic submission, you may be completely banned from the directory.

Take a note of these definitive guidelines for effective directory submission.

Zero In On The Right URL– This is an essential task as you have to first verify that the URL to make sure it loads properly and it contains functional links. Remember to submit the domain or url in the correct format. For some directories it may be in the format of while some directories accept it sans http://. Your site must be complete and should not link to other sites. Unless specified, you must submit  your home page url and not any other url leading to any of your other pages.

Using The Anchor Text– You must try to get the main search phrases that you are targeting in the links to your site. You can use keyword phrases at the end of your site's name. Keep in mind that you must do your research on a directory and get an idea of what you can and can't get away with. While certain directories will let you use a search phrase on its own, while some will allow you to use your business/website name only. In some cases, a few directories may allow you  to just slip a search phase in. So try to get your search phrases in and vary the anchor text as much as possible

Submitting The Title of your Site- The title should be relevant to the purpose of the site and not just mindless stringing of keywords. It must describe the content of the site precisely and to the point. The title should identify the site, not describe it. It should be both informative and concise. It is advised to give the official name of the site as the title and use full forms and acronym if your business is known by both. Refrain from using company slogans or promotional language as part of the title. Avoid punctuation marks or unnecessary symbols.

Using Varying Description- Do not use the same description of your site on every directory, as search engines may take it as duplicate content. Write unique descriptions for each directory- so that you put forward your products/services in the best way. The description should be informative and concise, and must say it all in one or two lines. You must remember to highlight the uniqueness of your site –at the same time being relevant to what people are looking at you.

It is essential to write the description in third person pronouns whenever possible, and avoid first and second person pronouns. This means you must not write using- ‘I’, “Us’, ‘We’ etc. Instead use- ‘the site’ , ‘the business’ .

Again, make a note to stay away from sounding like an advertising copyright. So keep off from writing description like sales pitches. Try to avoid superlatives- like "best", "most", "greatest", or "cheapest."

Do not sound spammy and non sensical with repeated keyword usage. Do not repeat the entire site title, and you also should not enter overused sentences and phrases- like “The website includes”, or  ending with “..and much more”. You must not make a mention of your contact details and product pricing etc.

Directory Submission

Using The Keywords Effectively- In the keyword section, don’t repeat any keyword more than once and also make sure you have the keywords entered in the format required. In some cases, you may need to be required to enter the keywords separated by a comma- while some directories would want them separated by a space. Just keep your eyes open and follow the directions.

Submitting In The Right Category- A directory has many categories and it is up to you to ensure that you pick the right category. In some cases, if you do not find the exact category, you may even suggest it to the editors. Now, if you are not satisfied the way your site is described or titled, post submission-you may fill out the "update URL" form or in some directories, inform the editors.

Using Deep Linking- If allowed by directories, you should link to different pages of your website, using different variations of the keywords you're targeting on each page. Avoid using the same anchor text again and again.

Number Of Directories To Submit to: No fixed number of directories that you should submit to, but you can work on a yearly directory submission budget for each site.

List Of Directories- Here is a list of 20 top directories, free and paid.

S. No URL Page Rank Directory Type
1. 8 Free
2. 7 Free
3. 6 Free
4. 5 Free
5. 5 Free
6. 5 Free
7. 5 Free
8. 5 Free
9. 5 Free
10. 5 Free
11. 5 Free
12. 5 Free
13. 5 Free
14. 5 Free
15. 5 Free
16. 5 Free
17. 5 Free
18. 4 Free
19. 4 Free
20. 4 Free
Click here to download the free directory submission websites urls list
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