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After releasing the annual Google Zeitgeist, the search company has released some updates to Google Trends, which will enhance the Zeitgeist experience around-the-year. Released yesterday, the updates will help users discover interesting tools & stories and find out locally relevant information, on their mobile phones.

A New Homepage

Google Trends can help you do much more than just seeing the most recent Hot Searches. The Top Charts will let you explore how different topics from athletes to stocks and song lyrics stack up against each other. Users can also search or click "Explore In-depth" for detailed reports on any topics. The new homepage is designed to help users search better and make their own discoveries.

Discover Interesting Tools&  Stories with Updated Google Trends!

Trending Charts in 72 Countries and Hot Searches in 47

Users are surely going to like the three updates on more locally relevant trending charts outside the US. The first update was annual Top Charts for 72 countries (which was earlier only for US). The previous year's Zeitgeist lists have 1000+ annual charts for 2013 and 2000+ from 2012.

The second update will show you Hot Searches in 47 countries, which were earlier available for 14 countries.

The third update will provide support for right-to-left scripts (RTL) and six new languages (Arabic, Farsi, Bengali, Malayalam, Hebrew, and Malay)

Discover Interesting Tools&  Stories with Updated Google Trends!

Faster Mobile Experience

An optimized mobile experience will let you check out what's hot locally in Top Charts. The interface is more efficient and touchable.

Discover Interesting Tools&  Stories with Updated Google Trends!

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Navneet Kaushal
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