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Besides Rapping about it, there are other tried and tested ways to create a successful link campaign. Without link-building there would not be any high rankings. Read on to know all about the art and tactics of Link-building & Relationship marketing.

On the other hand, a growing trend in Link Building is how it has slowly shifted form to more of relationship marketing than simple old linking. Here goes: –

The purpose and basics of Link Building, is to refer to another website or webpage from any page.

  1. The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether the link actually adds value or benefits your webpage. If a reader is going through your webpase, the link to the other page should have some relation to it.
  2. The worthiness of the link that you given should be determined by the relation between the linked page and the page that is linking. This is calculated by the text about the link to the entire content of the linked document. From here, you can deduct the co-relation between links, co-occurrence of links, frequency, importance of using relevant keywords in either of the webpages.
  3. Your page and the one you are linking to should show interdependence. You need to have a good enough reason for the kink between the two.

More than anything else, lay more significance on those that are from content which have maximum value to end users. Some great linking ideas are:

Link with Yahoo Answers: In this segment, you create links by giving answers (helping them). In this manner, the link you use, ups the importance of the content written.

Link with Readers and members vote posts, blogs, articles and many more on digg. The most popular ones appear on the site's homepage and these are the links that have the most relevant and important users. Linking with webpages like these have high value. Additionally, if you make a note that the content you use has been approved and received well by Digg and further give a link to its URL in Digg, then this ups your value tremendously.

Link with If you are linking with, then readers/viewers would tag your site with keywords. However, this only happens if your site is helpful. Links that are connected to webpages in Del.icio.ous are of high value.

Link with Social Sites/Web2.0 sites: Social networking sites usually have a voting system or collective intelligence. In case your webpage is voted as popular, it says that readers have discovered something relevant in your site. Most experts obviously suggest linking to sites with high value. Why not try Social Sites that do not incorporate the NoFollow tage. The sites are:

  1. Most of the sites that reach homepage (successful links) are usually political, popular sci-fi serials and a majority of the posts revolve around technology. Digg users are brazen about leaving an opinion in praise or in critique of your post. Creating a Top 10 list, helps a lot. To make the most of social media sites, take a look at Social Bookmarking.
  2. Furl. A great site where users can copy webpages and then save them and then share with friends etc. This helps a lot of people on different subjects, be it job-hunting, lists for shopping etc. This is a part of LookSmart.
  3. Flickr. Everyone's favorite social bookmarking photo-sharing site. Here, you can upload images, tag them and then share it with other users, online buddies etc. Users have the functionality to associate the image descriptions with an HTML link. This is great for link juice and also to receive good SERPs positions.
  4. Listible. One of the new social bookmarking sites. Its fun and simple. All you need to do is make a list of anything. Be it a list of your favorite songs to your favorite TV shows. Viewers vote and score on whether they like the items or not.
  5. Propeller. This is a little different from the rest, as this combines both social bookmarking and social news sharing. Here, users can vote (just like in Digg). The site is owned by AOL.
  6. Searchles. This is one social bookmarking site that is created by a search engine, DumbFind. Henceforth, it is search engine friendly. Here you can upload videos, vote, tag etc.
  7. Slashdot. This is on a league of its own and stands apart from all the other social bookmarking sites. This site offers you the abilities to bookmark personal and summarize stories that may have never made it on the homepage. You can submit links and post stories for other readers to leave their opinion etc. On the other hand, all the submissions are moderated and have to be pre-approved which is quite a bummer.
  8. Technorati Faves. In this you can bookmark sites. the best part is that all of this can be done without having to incorporate NoFollow to cast its shadow on your links.
  9. Yahoo My Web 2.0 Beta. Not a social bookmarking site but a social search engine. In this, you can work with the search engine technology in accord for the best search experience. Yahoo My Web 2.0 Beta lets you bookmark and network, both at once.

Drop in a link while you answer queries or post comments/opinions or reviews in blogs, forums, posts etc. This gives a direct reference back to your webpage and it will be caught on well by those who like/notice your comment. However, remember that you have to link with meaning and explanation and not for the heck of linking. Don't fall under any search engine spider's suspicion. Quote the reason for the relationship in your webpage's Terms & conditions, privacy policy page or business associate's page.

How to start Linking in order to build Relationships?

  1. Content is king. Make it original, relevant and interesting as you would expect from your personal favorite writer. If it is of high quality, readers will expect more and want to read more form you and will subscribe to your blog. Readers will digg it, link to it, bookmark it, tag it, in simple words, popularize it. Henceforth, a relationship of trust is created between you and the reader. One of interdependence where both benefits.
  2. Be on the cutting-edge and build exciting and relevant products or create worthy services that people want to use and can use as a daily feature. Whether it is a plug-in or an unavoidable gadget that everyone needs, a relationship between you and the end-user is created.
  3. Incorporate an RSS feed in your site. This way, if people like what you say they will even syndicate the old articles you have in your site and link to them. You create a relationship of trust and become a name in continued high quality.
  4. Whenever your company makes news or something related to the company you work in has an announcement, publicize it. This way people of your industry will link to you or your site and think of you as a trusted authority in your field.
  5. Visit Alexa and see which sites in your category have good rankings, PR, SERP etc. Noone is getting hurt and you will only benefit from linking to your competition.
  6. Form relationships with similar websites. Tis way, you cans hare news, products and link to each other. With this relationship both of you have the benefit of receiving more incoming traffic.

What To Avoid In Link-Building?

As hard as the steps are that help you link better and receive good, quality links, one small mistake or error is enough for you to see all your hard-work and sleepless nights go down the drain.

  1. Never Spam your friends or anyone for that matter. This serves no purpose and will only damage your hard-earned links and traffic.
  2. Post Comments on old forums. What purpose does it serve? Were you expecting links back?
  3. Sending generic bulk mails requesting links. Quality links are earned not begged for. If your site is original and is of top-notch quality, links from great sites will follow site.
  4. Don't continually harass webmasters for links to your website. This will only lead to bad publicity and no links.
  5. Start a Blog and never update. Do I have to explain?
  6. Take Google to Court. If suing Google helps you bring in the links, go ahead. make sure you don't become a fool in the process.
  7. Paid Links (Shhh!!!). Ever thought of buying links under the radar so that Matt can’t find them. Many pros engage in it. Don't, if you are scared of losing links, PR ranking or the ultimate- Google Ban!Most of the times this has unpleasant after effects, so avoid it like the plague.

The purpose of linking is to benefit your site in order to bring in link juice, traffic, readers etc. Of late, it is more about building relationships than anything else at all. All in all, the site you create should be authentic, have continuous fresh material, non-spammy, have relevant articles and follow ETHICAL methods only.

Anyone who needs tips on Link Building or help with linking should be able to make maximum advantage off this post.

Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
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