Mar 1, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Dumbfind have started a free trial for advertisers with Adsonomy. This trial is focused to provide the users related advertisements based on the analysis of the actual search results and not on the keywords. This product enables the advertisers to make ads related to the content of web pages. With the help of specifically targeted search, this technology automatically assigns tags to pages. It looks much better then the manual tagging based on the keyword query alone. Many big players offer manual tagging like Yahoo’s MyWeb and

This would bring some remarkable changes in Tag advertising. According to Chris Seline, CEO and Founder of Dumbfind, “When companies advertise on Google, MSN, and Yahoo! they try to capture every keyword relevant to their product. On Dumbfind, they can let Adsonomy use tagvertising technology do the work for them.” It works on the simple format like when a search is perform on something, then this Dumbfind adserver analyzes the tags of the following URL's found in search results. With these results it concludes the most relevant ads to serve.

This is going to be a very absorbing way to target advertising. One thing to see is the relevancy of robotically tagged sites as compared to manual tags.

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