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Today’s domain picture is multifaceted and complex. This session will look at effective processes and strategies for successful domain buying today.


  • Brett Tabke


After a short round of introductions by Brett, the discussion begins with Mark kicking it off.

First up is Mark Klein, the director of Business Development, Sedo. In terms of background, Mark says it is all about descriptive "direct navigation." With this,people type in a domain name in the search bar instead of Google for it. Apparently, almost 10% of Pay Per Click traffic also is traffic due to direct navigation. Next, he pulls out a Comscore study.

Why should marketers purchase domain names?

  • Brand
  • Brings in traffic. As for example,,
  • Vertical ex:

In the case of, it already was a well-implemented advertising site. Established domains add a lot of credibility. This also brings out better organic search engine result placement.

Why should campaigns have specific domains?

  • I have a is a great example

Mark goes on to showcase some slides about the work they do at Sedo.

The second speaker of the discussion is Monte Cahn,the CEO of He begins by telling the audience what his company does etc. currently, the handle over 2.7 million domains.

How do domains generate profit?

Pay per click, cpa, affiliate sites, search revenue, and selling domains

Yearly advertising is estimated to increase by billions

Domains generate about 15% of Google/Yahoo's total revenue

The current trend shows an upward rise of people who own many domains. About 15 people last year had about 1,00,000 domains. Currently, 138 million domain names are registered all over the world (Wow!). The second quarter has seen a 31% rise. Of all these domains, 88% are live while 76% get renewed. Germany is No.2 with its .de.

What makes a good domain name?

  • Natural and generic brand
  • Easy to remember
  • Clear, concise and descriptive
  • Commercially and profit-oriented
  • Industry segment
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Existing type in traffic

Check whether a domain is blacklisted. Take advantage of the way-back machine in order to check whether the domain has content on it in that is beyond the past aka


Make your friends, colleagues and family members type your company name and find out misspellings. These, you should register too.

How do you generate revenue

  • Domain traffic (direct navigation)
  • Domain sales
  • Domain development

Creating your profile

  • Keep an eye on after market
  • Watch domains drop

Mark Klein takes the example of This company has medicine for asthma. We should also be watching over other languages. For example, Spanish is growing at a big rate.

Next, is Jeff Libert, the CEO of Jeff has a few questions about domain name portal and also of Webmaster World.

  1. Creative domain acquisition finance.

    Letting pay per click revenue pay the costs

    Your revenue is not their revenue

  2. Acqusition of underperforming (parked) domains

    Purchase cheap, fix it and use the new found income to pay for the domains

    Auctions: You can find some great steals

  3. Auction sniping
  4. Bottom fish at particular resellers

    Jeff says he has personally been a bottom feeder

  5. Diversify revenue stream

    This is where you test different services

  6. Macroeconomic adjustments (foreclosures, debt, etc)

    The market is dicey. Currently, debt and foreclosure domains are doing well

  7. Track the buzz in the forms and emerging buying opportunities

    If people are crabbing about income, This might be an opportune moment to purchase domains.

  8. and observe domaining trends

    Domain tools has some nifty tools.

    Dailychanges is helpful for research/intelligence

    Watch what the big guys are doing and keep track of the trends that they are showing.

  9. Intelligent proactive acquisition vs waiting for domains to drop

    Connect with owners who are dropping domains to find out whether you cant just buy it

    This way It becomes easier instead of fighting with the big guys once it's open

  10. Business owners purchase keyword traffic domains
  11. Domainers set their focus on the value of converted leads from KW domains
  12. Domain parking experimentation: images, rotating companies, etc.
  13. Specialization, tasting, patent, and informed domaining.

After this, he cites some domains that he recently purchased. Nevertheless, he says there are still some worth purchasing.

Next up to speak is Tom Murphy, the Vice President Business Development of NameMedia. Tom will discuss the state of Aftermarket and effective domaining strategies.


  • Buy domains (whether in primary or secondary market)
  • Focus on areas you know ow feel will increase in value
  • Sell domains
  • Reap in profits as you see fit
  • Maximizing the revenue from your portfolio
  • Test

Drivers of valuations

  • Incoming traffic
  • Popularity
  • Vertical
  • Comparable sales
  • Language, etc.

Many players have entered the after market sales.

Buying domains

The question Tom hears the most is what to buy if someone had $5,000 or $50,000. Tom's answer is to treat domain names like stocks and mix it up.

Selling domains

  • People should always have domains for sale
  • Parked domains sell five times better then those that are non-parked

Important Points:

Domain Purchase Potholes

  • Trademark Violations?
  • Understanding market values
  • Domain statistics- Are they inflated?
  • You may have to stealth acquire to avoid inflation
  • Financing cost
  • Does owner have control and rights to domain name
  • Bad Guys (protect yourself by using a domain escrow service)


Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
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