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Your fans will be interested more in your brand page if you post about stuff related to your brand, and not about the brand. This strategy is a result of a study conducted by Facebook of 23 brands across six industries. The four week study leads towards the conclusion that fans, who already like your brand, will engage more with the page if you post about related stuff. As is stated in the Facebook blog- “The study shows that speaking about subjects related to your brand is the best way to generate engagement. Understanding how post topics relate to engagement can help you improve your content strategy and identify the best content to promote through Ads and Sponsored Stories.”

In other words, do not brag all the time about your own products or services. To engage users, and encourage them to interact with your page you need to ensure that your updates are related and relevant to what you do. The study has the posts divided into three types of content so that it became easier to determine which drove the most user engagement. This is where it came to light that people like the posts related to the brand (but not about products or services) the most. these posts encouraged Like, Share, or otherwise engage with the page. Also, pages that had shared photos and videos in their posts benefitted from the maximum ‘shares’.

The social networking giant has some brands on its list of ‘Facebook’s Success Stories’ that shows how these brands developed their page to be highly resourceful and inviting for users/fans. These includes, Starbucks, Country Crock (their targeted ads helped them build their fan base to over 11 million), 1-800-FLOWERS (engagement shot up by 393 percent as a result of their Mother’s Day campaign)

See the Country Crock Facebook page where you can see active user participation and engagement. The pictures have been posted have the family appeal to them and have been shared by people. There is a great mix of posts about the company as well as their target family orientation and of course vegetables and their unique forms. There are few posts promoting a specific product of Country Crock.

Better FB Engagement

How to engage Facebook fans

As per the study, for more shares:

  1. Post related to your brand and not about the brand (specific product or service)
  2. Use photos, videos and albums.
  3. Create content with a clear call to action
  4. Ask questions that will get more answers.

For more details on how to post on your page and engage users, go through this Best Practices guide for Page managers.

Here are some more insights on the Facebook Timeline for brands, or some fail safe ideas of gathering and engaging fans on the social network. 

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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