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As promised in the previous post an Insight into Microsoft adCenter here is the second follow up. Here we give you a deeper look into adCenter ad campaigns with tips to exploit it and get the maximum out of it.

Budgeting is very essential

A PPC has to be well planned. Moreover, budgeting with adCenter has become easier than before with campaign budget setting, "Divide across the month,".

The adcenter blog informs, “We have good news: The campaign budget setting, "Divide across the month," now better predicts how many impressions your ad should receive when spreading your delivery across the month. We've also added a new column to your Budget Summary reports, called Average Participation Rate (Average PR) to help you gauge how your ad delivery is filtered throughout the month.

Budget dividing can give you greater control over your expenditures, help give you consistent ad coverage throughout the month, and reduce the impact of click surges—which can deplete your budget and stop ad exposure before your campaign end date.”

Moreover, if you click on 'billing reports' tab in adCenter you will come across a feature which will inform an advertiser about the percentage of search ads are indicating and what exactly one may need to be in view at all times.

Know your campaigns well

The start of a campaign is just the beginning. Setup the campaigns based on objectives and the orders by topic.

Make use of demographic profiling

This feature gives Microsoft adCenter an edge over Google's and Yahoo!s ad serving platforms. So if you are not making full use of it you are missing out on a lot. Understanding the demographic profiling of the traffic that you wish to target is essential and also easy with adCenter demographics prediction. The reviews show that by setting demographics one is more likely to get clicks from those demographic profiles. Read about a case study conducted by webmetricsguru. which clearly shows that adCenter's demographic profiling works wonders.

Using Dynamic Text in adCenter

Microsoft adCenter permits marketers to indicate dynamic parameters in their ads. Use of upto three parameters is allowed.

Keyword insertion- place it in the ad copy title. The keyword the user used would automatically replace it.-
param1-is used to dynamically insert a keyword-level tracking code and landing page so you can report and analyze on a keyword level rather than just the ad or order level. 
param2-is a word or phrase that can be unique to each keyword and dynamically inserted in the ad text to make the ad more relevant, have correct formatting/capitalization, or replace a misspelled word.
Read more about it at the adCenter blog.

AdLabs tools
There are good numbers of tools at the Microsoft adCenter labs. These can help a marketer optimize the campaigns better than ever. Moreover they are also very helpful with the SEO. SEObook has a good account of all the tools available. Read more about them. These tools will not only enable a user to grab the right keywords but will also indicate the most favorable times to make use of them.

A/B split testing of ad copy and landing page

A/B testing is also commonly known as split testing. Split testing enables you to run several ads parallel and decide which one performs better than the other. Split testing is a powerful PPC technique.it is also not a one time process. It should be done repeatedly and repeatedly. Read more about Split testing at Marketing Experiments.

Microsoft reports!
Microsoft actually reports! They give updates of your campaign statistics on daily basis. It is very important to the check how the campaigns are performing. Keep checking the reports to avoid overspending or even underspending. Their reports are most comprehensive and very useful.

Landing page
This one is not just for adCenter advertisers but for all. During one of the session Ads In A Quality Score World at the ongoing SES New York most of the speakers stressed on the relevance of landing pages. Bruce Clay has given the highlights of the indepth discussion where at many places the experts stressed upon the relevance of landing pages. Bruce says, Search marketers need to continue to study landing pages to find out what works best for them. As Joshua says, it’s what puts the ‘M’ in search engine marketing

What sets adCenter apart from other ad serving platforms are the new level of analytics it offers the advertisers. The conversion rate is very good when compared with Google Adwords and Yahoo! Panama. If you follow the above pointers well there is almost nothing that can stop you from scoring well in adCenter.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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