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After receiving criticism from advertisers on its Ad targeting features, Facebook has rolled out new changes in its core audience targeting features. The new options allow the advertisers to reach out to a more precise range of audience by giving them the power to impose greater control over their target audience.

Facebook Adds New Options to Make Audience Targeting Easier for Advertisers!

By customizing the audience selection, the advertisers can now influence which users can view and engage with their advertisements. Advertisers can narrow down their ad campaigns and reach highly targeted audience based on four categories:

  • Location: Ad campaigns can be targeted around any geographical combination like country and city, country and state, state and city, state and ZIP code. It is also possible now to exclude certain areas like any city excluding a particular ZIP code or any country excluding a particular state.
  • Demographics: Facebook has made it easier for advertisers to target ads based on particular level of education, profession and even relationship status of the users. The only snag is that the users must actually include that particular detail in their Facebook profile for the advertisers to access the information and target their audience.
  • Interests: Advertisers can also reach out users based on their specific interests and likes. For e.g. People who have expressed inclination towards football on their Facebook profile can now be directly targeted based on “football” as the targeting segment rather than the broad categories and keywords.
  • Behaviour: The offline activities of users can also help the advertisers target their audience. This option includes Partner Categories and allows the marketers to earmark their audience based on the websites they visit, the device they use and the online purchases they make. Earlier available only in Power Editor, Partner Categories are now accessible to the US advertisers in the Ads Create tool.
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Navneet Kaushal
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