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Facebook users are without a doubt now watching more videos. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge alone has more than 17 million videos which has managed to garner 10 billion views by 440 million people between 1st June and 1st September.

Facebook after getting more than 1 billion daily views has announced that it will start displaying view counts on video to help people discover new and popular videos.

The social network has also added the ability for Pages to add calls to action that display at the end of videos. This will allow content creators to invite people to visit a destination, such as a website, after the end of a video to learn more about the product or to simply make a purchase.

Facebook Adds Video View Counts to Let Users Discover New & Popular Videos

It does not come as a surprise that Facebook video views grew by 50% between the months of May and June. Also, since the month of June average views have been more than one billion in a day and 65% views take place on mobile devices.

Public figures are also sharing more video content on Facebook. On Friday, singing sensation Beyonce posted a video simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube. The video received a much positive review with 2.4 million views in the first four hours as compared to just a few thousand views on YouTube.

Video advertisers are also experiencing positive results. Facebook also mentioned that advertisers are witnessing quite a significant decrease in cost per view for their Facebook video ads. Thus, in the coming weeks, they will extend the availability of videos that play automatically to more content from more brands in the United States.

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