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Facebook has announced the arrival of new retargeting options, which will no longer force advertisers to go through Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX) to manage their retargeting campaigns on Demand-side platforms (DSPs). The management of retargeting programs can now directly be done through Facebook's interface.

At present, advertisers can serve their ads only on desktop through FBX. The ads appear only in the news feed or the right rail. Moreover, advertisers are required to buy their ad space through DSPs. When tens of millions of people are accessing Facebook on their smartphones & mobile devices, the launch of new retargeting capabilities will let the advertisers target individuals.

New Features

With Custom Audiences, advertisers will be able to set up retargeting campaigns in their Facebook's interface, directly. It will also get possible for advertisers to overlay the standard Facebook targeting options including demographic information. 

The feature will be available to target mobile devices, so advertisers will be able to retarget across multiple devices.

What's Good about FBX?

Facebook has added features such as retargeting ads on mobile devices and overlaying traditional targeting tactics, there are a few areas where FBX gives an additional advantage.

Predictive buying is one such advantage. If an individual is continuously browsing for a product or service, the predictive buying capability of FBX will let advertiser show an ad to the consumer that matches with his/her needs.

How Are Advertisers Benefited?

Advertisers can make control & optimization efforts in the Facebook interface. DSP is great for automated bidding and if you are running a direct response type campaign, having the bidding controls available to the PPC manager will be beneficial.

Ability to overlay standard targeting options will be beneficial for advertisers. If a certain demographic as per your knowledge makes purchase decisions or buys, you can add that level or targeting on, which can result in an improved chance of conversion.

Reason Behind the Move

While working through DSPs, Facebook noted that significant revenue generated by ads was heading to the DSPs. Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook said that FBX generated a small part of the Facebook revenue.

The move will help Facebook in keeping more ad revenue in-house instead of going to DSPs. Retargeting to mobile space will also generate significant revenue opportunities for Facebook.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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