Aug 12, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Facebook, through its blog, announced today that it would now make significant expansion of ad types and formats existing in the Audience Network. The company said that advertisers using its mobile ad network would now be able to place autoplay ads within native advertising units.

Facebook ads have proven to be highly effective in its Audience Network arsenal. Now around five times more apps make use of native ads, which was not so much in use at the outset of 2015, and 80 percent of impressions on the network are now originating from native ads.

However, right from today, publishers will now be able to serve autoplay video by upgrading to the newest Android SDKs and iOS, and making use of the latest Media View class. This video ads will be vying in the very same auction like other native ads “to maximize yield for each impression served.”

Additionally, the company has also announced the addition of three interstitial ad units to the Audience Network. Publishers who utilize full screen interstitials can now render dynamic product ads, carousel ads and click-to-play video without making any changes into their currently available setups.

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