Jul 9, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Cost-per-click (CPC) on Facebook has been redefined. It will now include clicks to websites and apps, keeping out likes, shares and comments, thus creating better ROI for advertisers.

The new system to measure CPC has been designed to help advertisers meet specific business objectives. The measurements are more closely aligned with how advertisers are bidding enabling them better optimize their campaigns to meet business goals.

This is what Facebook will exactly count: clicks to visit another website; clicks on a call-to-action that results in going to another website; clicks on a Facebook canvas app; clicks to install an app; or clicks to view a video on another website.

Advertisers that buy ads via the Ads API, now updated to version 2.4, can view the change take effect. However, the current definition for CPC will be in effect through Oct. 7.

Facebook has taken the step to bring more clarity for marketers and help them know where their advertising dollars are going. Clicks were easy to define in the early days of online advertising. However, this is the age when end users interact with products in so many different ways. This is an attempt by Facebook to buck the trend and simplify things.

Advertisers using CPC on Facebook are likely to get a better return on their ad spend. Facebook has been currently streamlining their advertising offerings to make it more useful for the businesses that have chosen the social media platform for advertising.

The update may result in some change in campaign reporting metrics related to clicks. CPC may increase, but it will be more valuable as it counts only the clicks desired. You click-through rate may decrease as the system no longer includes the additional clicks.

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