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Now it is easier to share Facebook posts with who you want and avoid accidental shares of private posts with everyone when you actually wanted to share it with friends. Facebook has brought changes to its default privacy settings for new users and a new privacy checkup tool for current users.

New Default Privacy Settings: If you are a new user, your first post will be visible to only friends, by default. Earlier it could be viewed by anyone. The newcomers will be asked whether they want to view their post to Friends or to Public, if no choice is entered, the default audience will be set to Friends. The setting can however be changed at any time and users can also change the privacy of their previous posts whenever they want.

Facebook Changes Default Privacy Setting of New Users to “Friends”, Adds Privacy Checkup Tool

Privacy Checkup Tool for Current Users: Facebook is rolling out a new privacy checkup tool which will review who you are posting to, the apps you use, and the basic information on your profile. However, all other privacy settings on Facebook remain the same.

Facebook Changes Default Privacy Setting of New Users to “Friends”, Adds Privacy Checkup Tool

Over the past few months Facebook has added several new tools and features to give users greater control on the content they are sharing and the audience with whom they are sharing. Whenever you are posting something Facebook prompts a quick reminder of whether or not you chose the right audience.

Facebook Changes Default Privacy Setting of New Users to “Friends”, Adds Privacy Checkup Tool

Facebook Changes Default Privacy Setting of New Users to “Friends”, Adds Privacy Checkup Tool

On Facebook for iOS devices, the audiences with whom you are sharing the post appear on the top of the screen and a simplified audience selector appears on the web. It also introduced the Anonymous Login system which allows users to log into apps without sharing any personal information from Facebook and a redesigned App Control Panel where people can see and manage the complete list of apps they use.

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  • A good move by Facebook! Privacy protection in social media and online is crucial. New and current users can now show more confidence in using Facebook knowing that they have option in securing their privacy. I totally support the idea of the default setting for privacy stay on "Friends".

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    Sunday – contributor

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  • Ann07

    Facebook really did a good job on privacy concerns, not everybody on Facebook wants their post seen by the world, they might just want to let friends or maybe post to a specific number of people, or even just to their selves.

    In the world of social media, cyber crime is a big hit, from stalkers, Posers, hackers, you name it. It’s good to find a trustworthy and protected form of enjoyment and communication.

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  • Privacy have been the issue always. There are cases of stalking, unwanted comments and hate reactions when posts are shared with everyone.

    This check will ensure one shares with their full consent to avoid any mishap.

    I think this move will keep facebook in market as snapchat allows full control with whom the content is shared by default. This is the best thing that happened lately in facebook.

    Great content here Ritu, I found this on kingged.

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  • When it comes to Facebook, Privacy concerns are very important to me. Some of my wishes last year about privacy and security was granted by Facebook. They really did a great job for their users about security measures.

    Apps settings are really cool now. Logging in anonymously is what I wanted because of personal matters.

    Thanks for the share Ritu!

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