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Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Report reveals, Facebook is the leader of social media referral traffic. Out of the 8 social networking sites, only Facebook drove a greater share of traffic at the end of Q2 as compared to Q1. According to the report, Facebook drives 23.39% of overall visit to sites, which is equivalent to a quarter of the total visits, followed by Pinterest and Twitter.

The study was divided into two sections, the first being the social referrals over the 2nd quarter of 2014 from March – June 2014, the second section being the year over year social referrals from June 2013 – 2014. When combined together, the 8 sources of social referrals resulted in driving 31.07% of overall traffic sites received last month, almost the double of 15.55% during the same time last year.

Facebook Drives 23.39% of Overall Referral Traffic, Says Report

A gain of 10.09% and 2.14 percentage points in March is the highest percentage registered by Shareaholic for Facebook. Facebook’s social competitors witnessed a decrease in referral traffic since the first quarter. Pinterest at 5.72% declined by 19.38%. Twitter at 1.03%, declined by 9.9%. StumbleUpon at 0.60% declined by 39.12%, Google+ at 0.06 declined by 21.34%, Reddit by 12.19%, YouTube by 32.15%. LinkedIn saw a decline of 57.38%, the highest among the others.

Facebook Drives 23.39% of Overall Referral Traffic, Says Report

Facebook drives 23.39% of overall visits to 300,000 websites. Pinterest was responsible for 7.10% of all visits sites received. Over the last 13 months, Twitter’s share increased to 1.30% and again came back to a low of 0.99%. Growing slightly year-over-year, StumbleUpon, last month drove a modest 0.60% of overall traffic to sites, up 13.33% (0.07 percentage points) from 0.53% in June 2013.

Facebook Drives 23.39% of Overall Referral Traffic, Says Report

YouTube and LinkedIn's shares decreased 82.66% (0.29 percentage points) and 77.43% (0.05 percentage points). Google+ had a slightly better result, with a decrease of only 9.81% (0.02 percentage points) of its year-over-year share of traffic. Reddit's year-over-year share decreased 65.64% resulting at a loss of 0.36 percentage points. Twitter’s share was more than the shares of Stumble Upon, YouTube, Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.

The Shareaholic data shows the growth of Facebook is driving the social referral category to new heights. Since June last year, the social media giant's total referral traffic has increased 150% and 14 percentage points. This growth has led a year-over-year increase from 15 to 31% of social referral traffic for the top eight social networks. For the full report, click here.

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