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Social Media network is getting stronger day by day. Facebook, the leader in social referral traffic, went up during the fourth quarter of 2014, and now drives a whopping 25% of the web’s traffic, according to a report released by social management firm Shareaholic.

Facebook’s total share of visits to Shareaholic’s network was 24.64% in December. That is a little slip from October and November, when the social network pushed past the 25% threshold, but its 2.27 percentage point since the third quarter is an impressive gain.

After Facebook, Pinterest’s share was 5.06%. The other social platforms are Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Facebook Drives One-Fourth Of All Referral Traffic

Facebook has more than four times of active users compared to Twitter. But the 10% quarter-over-quarter growth is eye opening, especially given the slip page in the rest of the social industry. Apart from StumbleUpon, Facebook was the only social network to show an increase in share of visits in the quarter, as the chart above shows.

Social Referral Traffic Is Higher Than Organic Search

Facebook’s growth has also pushed social media’s share of the total share of overall traffic – direct traffic, social referrals, organic search, paid search etc- to a record high of 31.34% which shows that social network has extended its lead over organic search for sites.

Facebook Drives One-Fourth Of All Referral Traffic

In December, social network pulled ahead 29.35% to 29.14% in September and Shareaholic didn’t release percentage totals for organic search for the fourth quarter, Shareaholic’s Danny Wong confirmed that social led search in October, November and December.

Other interesting details from the report (which also goes back to the year 2011) are:-

  • Facebook’s share of referral traffic has soared 277.26% since December 2011. Facebook’s user growth during that time is 60% — from 845 million monthly active users to 1.35 billion.
  • Pinterest is still in second-place, but it has been steadily losing ground since it’s high point of 7.10% last March.
  • Twitter continues to lose share after a 2014 high of 1.15% in July when it was riding an engagement wave during the World Cup soccer tournament. It feel below the 1% threshold in August and fell to an all-time low of 0.82% in December.
  • StumbleUpon, besides Facebook the only other service to show a quarterly gain, has lost 69.41% of its traffic share since December 2011.
  • Reddit with a 0.15% share has lost nearly half of its share of traffic since 2011 and Google+ (0.04%) and LinkedIn (0.03%) have each lost a third of its traffic.
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