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Facebook yesterday announced the introduction of new communication features for Pages whereby businesses and customers will be able to connect with each other through private messaging.

Facebook Enhances Messaging Between Businesses & Customers

Key communication features that will enhance messaging between customers and businesses include:

  • Send private messages to a Page from local awareness ads:
  • Reply to comments privately with a message:
  • Identify responsive Pages:
  • Manage messages:

These new tools features will allow businesses to use their internal, private chat to talk to customers.

As a business owner, if a customer makes a comment on your Facebook page, you can now pick up the conversation in the privacy of a personal chat window. However, earlier businesses were able to respond only to a customer via Facebook in the same window from which the customer started the communication.

Facebook Enhances Messaging Between Businesses & Customers

In case, there is any unhappy customer, complaining on your business Facebook wall, you can now complete the conversation in private, off of the main stage of your business Facebook Page.

Besides, Facebook has also rolled out a feature that will allow customers to message a business directly from an ad in their News Feed. With the in-built “Send Message” button, a customer will now be able to go seamlessly from seeing an advertisement to chatting with the business owner online.

With a view to encouraging business owners to make use of the tool, Facebook has given digital badges to businesses that gives response to 90 percent of private messages and are having an average response time of not more than five minutes. The badge is designed to inform customers that the business in question is “very responsive to messages.” Business owners will be able to have access to real-time measurement of their response rate from a private analytics dashboard connected to their Facebook page.

The new communication tools are surfaced when more and more people have begun to use instant message or chat to communicate.

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