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If you are one of those marketers who are concerned about the declining organic reach of your Facebook page, then this might be of some help to you. Facebook’s Ads Product Marketing lead, Brian Boland explained in the Facebook for Business page why the reach is falling and why marketers, businesses and other social publishers should stick to the platform.

Boland gives a rundown of some of the most frequently asked questions to help you understand what is driving this change so that your business can succeed on Facebook.

The Reason behind the Decline:

  • The first reason behind this fall is- because more and more content is being created and shared on Facebook each day. Each time you log in to Facebook, as many as 1500 stories can appear in your News Food. Then there are those people with lots of friends and page likes, for them as many as 15,000 potential stories can appear every time they log in to Facebook. More content is being created than there is time to go through it. Facebook says the credit for this goes to devices like smartphones which have made it easier to share content with just a few clicks. With the increase in the competition in News Feed, it is becoming difficult for stories to gain exposure. Apart from this, there has also been a significant growth in the number of pages liked by Facebook users. According to Facebook, there has been a growth of 50% in the total number of pages liked by an average Facebook user over the past one year. This further intensifies the race for space in News Feed.
  • Another reason is- because News Feed is designed to show users only the content relevant to them instead of showing hundreds of thousands of posts. Out of around 1500 stories that can appear in your News Feed, Facebook shows only about 300. Facebook looks at several factors to determine which stories are of more value to the user before showing them in the News Feed.

Why Not Use a Real Time Approach to Show All Content?

If Facebook begins showing content in real time, users will miss out stories which they do not see on the top of the News Feed. Even if the story is more valuable for them, they might not see it due to time constraint. It has been seen that the ranking system used for News Feed gives a more engaging experience on Facebook rather than showing every piece of content in real time. In fact, using a real time system can further degrade the page’s organic reach.

Is Organic Reach Dropping Because Facebook is trying to Make Money?

Boland says No. Facebook wants to provide the best experience to its users, because this also benefits the businesses in the long run. If users are engaging more with stories in News Feed, they will automatically be more engaged with content from businesses.

Are There Other Marketing Platforms That Have Seen a Decline in Organic Reach?

Facebook says there are several marketing platforms that have seen a decline in organic reach like the online search engines. The only difference is that some are transparent about these changes while others are not.

What is the Value of Having More People like My Page?

Likes have value because they make your ads more effective. When an ad has social context, it drives 50% more recall and 35% more online sales. The more the likes, the better the auction prices of your ads. Not to forget, fans always add to your business credibility.

How Should Businesses Use Facebook?

Facebook recommends publishing great content. If your content is informative, makes users think or adds value, it will definitely reach people in News Feed. Like any other marketing platform, Facebook is more effective when businesses use paid media. Paid media allows businesses to reach more people with greater accuracy.

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  • Ann07

    So, publish great content eh…

    By the looks of it. Facebook seems to be blinding people from post of individuals pages that they liked, not only those which advertise, but also the ones that give entertainment to them.

    They say out of 1500 posts, Facebook would only post 300, Facebook recommend publishinggreat content, but I think its not all about that.

    People wouldn’t be liking a page if they didn’t want to see their feeds and it didn’t entertain them.

    Well, this is just one of my opinions.

    Thanks for the update.


    by the way i found this post at kingged.com try checkin it out! 🙂

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