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Facebook has improved the way it ranks videos uploaded directly to Facebook by individuals and Pages. The social media giant said, twice as many users are watching videos in their news feed as compared to the number just six months ago. So, it is amending video rankings to make sure relevant videos appear more prominently in News Feed.

Video Ranking Improvement
Facebook will now personalize individual News Feed based on people’s preference for watching videos. People who watch more videos will be seeing more of them on the top of their News Feed and people who generally ignore them, will see fewer videos. Apart from using likes, comments and shares to rank a video in the News Feed, Facebook will also take into consideration for how long the user has watched the video. Facebook says early tests have resulted in more people watching relevant videos.

What About the Video Links on Facebook?
The social media giant mentioned the change only applies to videos uploaded directly to Facebook by individuals and Pages. For stories which link you to other video sites, Facebook already has other set of factors for ranking.

Detailed Video Metrics
Facebook has given an added advantage to Page owners and businesses who upload videos directly to their Page. They will have access to detailed video metrics which will not only show them how many people have watched the video but also how many people watched the video till the end plus the specific points in the video that were rewatched.

Facebook recommends Page owners to post stories and videos that will resonate most with their audience.


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