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Facebook released a new feature Place Tips, which offers range of content, information & recommendation of places. With Facebook’s new launched feature Place Tips , you can now get friend’s recommendations and information about the places and things you like. Place tips will show useful, relevant and enjoyable & interesting information about the place you are at. Tapping on place tips won’t post on Facebook, or show it on your news-feed that where you are.

Place Tips will appear as a notification on the top of the News Feed. You can browse through images, events, menu items, reviews and friend’s comments and posts, once you tap the notification. Users can also hide place tips for particular locations. Information about the business or location will also come from that entity’s Facebook page. This will encourage posting and will enhance locally oriented Facebook pages. Brands and chain franchisees will need to pay attention to location based content and local pages accordingly. Place Tips can be about outdoor spaces, attractions, monuments and not just businesses.

Facebook Introduces Place Tips!

To access Place Tips you would need to give Facebook permission to access location. Location will be determined through cell tower and WiFi triangulation and GPS location. With location turned on, Place Tips is enabled in News Feed. However the setting can also be easily tuned off.

Facebook Introduces Place Tips!

In New York exclusively, Facebook is also testing the use of beacons in selected locations. Those are: Dominique Ansel Bakery, Strand Book Store, The Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel, Brooklyn Bowl, Pianos, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, Veselka and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Facebook Introduces Place Tips!

With this new launch, business owners will now be able to post content that would influence consumers to their locations.

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