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Facebook has announced it will be rolling out the redesigned look for right hand column ads early next week. The social media giant has also mentioned with the changes in the design of the right column ads, advertisers should be ready to pay a higher price. Facebook originally announced about the redesigning of the right column ads early in April to give advertisers a more creative platform and provide Facebook users a better experience.

Have a look at the redesigned look:

Facebook to Kick-Off Streamlined Look for Right Column Ads Next Week, Hints Increase in Prices

From early next week, a revised ad format in the right hand column of the news feed will be visible to Facebook users. Facebook also mentioned they have observed significantly higher click-through rates for the redesigned unit during early tests. The redesigned ad columns will feature fewer ads with larger images.

Facebook said with fewer ads available in the right-hand column, overall competition for ad space on Facebook will increase significantly. This means advertisers will have to pay a premium price for the ad space. The new design will be simpler for advertisers due to its similarity to desktop news feed ads, thus marketers will no longer have to choose separate images for News Feed ads and right column ads.
The increased visibility of the new right column ads, combined with Custom Audiences and Partner Categories, means marketers are better-equipped than before to deliver beautiful, relevant advertisements driving key business results. The social networking site also said the increase in prices might be an unwelcome development for some businesses, particularly those that count raw impressions as an overall indicator of success for their campaigns. However, the overall value delivered through this ad format will offset any potential decrease in impressions.

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