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Facebook has released a new photo and video sharing app for users called Slingshot where friends can share photos and videos but you have to reciprocate with your own photo or video to unlock the “shot” sent by your friends. As of now, the app is available only in the US on all iOS and android devices.

With Slingshot you can capture a photo or a video of up to 15 seconds, include in it some colorful drawings and large captions and share with your friends. Then comes the twist, users will not be able to view incoming ‘shots’ sent by friends until they “sling” something back in return. Surprisingly, you don’t require a Facebook account to sign up for the app. You can sign up with just your mobile phone number and connect with friends on your contact list. Like on Snapchat, photos on Slingshot disappear from users’ phones shortly after they are viewed.

Slingshot seems like a mid-way road for people who want something less formal than Facebook and a little more casual than Instagram. All the polishing one expected Facebook to do is done here with this app. One can de-pixelize images and add text to it before posting it. The new app is an exciting version of all the photo sharing apps due to the ‘twist’. This twist will lead to more user engagement since every individual would like to see what their friends are posting and also to get more views it will become a necessity to respond back with a photo or video. This is what does not make it “just another” clone of Snapchat.

To get started on Slingshot, one can shoot any kind of photo or video. Add some text and color, and then share it with friends. The post may be shared with individuals or a list of friends through the ‘Select All’ option.

Facebook Launches Slingshot, the Latest Messaging App to Challenge Snapchat!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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