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Your brand page on Facebook can now have a Timeline with the exciting design elements and moderation features, which allow you to share better. Much like the Timeline for profiles, this Timeline for pages launched by Facebook gives a brand’s page a uniform clear look. Page administrators have a 30-day window to redesign their pages for the Timeline, then publish the same once done. However, on March 31, every brand page will switch to the new format.

Now Facebook Pages Have The Timeline Too!

With a Timeline for your brand, everything on your page will be displayed chronologically. However, to make pages more relevant to each user, Facebook has given the ability to pin a post to the top of a page and a friend activity box. There is no ‘landing page’ now but additional changes include- new admin panel, activity log and direct message feature. All these have been designed to help you manage your communities better.

The New Cover Photo

Now that there is no landing tab, you can use cover photos to push your brand’s message. You can have a cover photo of 851×315 pixels while the profile picture needs to be from 180 x 180 pixels to 32 x 32 pixels. Your cover photo can look like a banner, but you cannot ask people to ‘LIKE’ your page (or any other calls to action). Also remember that the images cannot include price or purchase information and contact info.


Brands used the welcome tab to stand apart and even promote special offers of drive people to ‘LIKE’ their pages. But this is now no longer possible. Facebook is of the view that if businesses will put up advertisements in the form of cover photos, users will think of them to be actual ads.

The Brand Pages’ Timeline

If you are designing your page for the timeline, do no forget to add milestones. You can also project featured/promoted posts by making them larger. Hide posts instead of deleting them and keep the chronology maintained.


Another feature worth mentioning is that page admins can highlight an important post right on the top of the page. This is a great feature is used well as you will promote the one update you wanted to, and it will not go down the news stream with your other updates. Such pinned posts can stay for up to seven days, so can serve as excellent promotional means for special campaigns.

The New Admin Panel

With the Timeline, you can manage your page better and maneuver your marketing strategy according to the insights. There is a new management tool that provides the Page admins with snapshot of insights, recent LIKES, fan activity notifications and a message inbox. This is the best part- your followers can now send you direct messages.


So no more complaints on the ‘Wall’ as a sensible user may direct message you and you can get back to them. However, as a Page, you cannot initiate direct messages with fans. You can also “Request a name change for your page,” from the admin panel.

You can also use the activity log for finding and editing old posts. You can go thru the items by year or type of story.

The activity log is visible to admins of the page and you can use it to trim silly nothings off from your page.

The New Tabs/Applications

The tabs are available right on top as in the case of regular Timeline profiles. The larger thumbnails are attractive but fewer tabs can be highlighted above a “See more” option.


Again, you cannot have a default landing tab now. To guide users to that tab, you must pin a post that links to a particular tab.

The Timeline Takeaway:

Looks like Facebook is ready to bid goodbye to tab applications. Facebook is aiming at mobile apps and not page frame apps. So if you invested in getting a Facebook page app very recently, well then its plain bad luck you can use it till 31.03.2012 only! 

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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