Aug 31, 2016 1102 reads by Ritu Sharma

Facebook has revamped and redesigned Facebook Offers for a better mobile experience. Advertisers will be able to share discounts and promotions on mobile and on Facebook, this is where people spend most of their time.

“Advertiser can decide how long their Offers run, who sees them, where they redeem them and more. We’ve also made it easier for people to claim and keep track of their claimed Offers through Facebook, and redeem them across devices or in-store.”

People can easily claim Offers on their mobiles or on desktops and the offers are automatically saved to the new Offers bookmark. At any time you can click on the bookmark, and redeem them on mobile.

“Facebook Offers makes it easy for advertisers to share their discounts and promotions where people are—on their mobile devices. Businesses can create two types of Offers—online and in-store—and they can share Offers in two ways, in an Offers ad or in a Page post.”

Facebook will also provide reminders so that people do not miss on the Offers they’ve claimed again.

Soon Facebook will bring Unique offer codes which will allow advertisers to provide unique offer codes to each individual. This will prevent Offer from being distributed to people on a larger scale.

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