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Around 2 years following the launch of Facebook’s Graph Search on desktop, it has announced that this feature will now be introduced for mobile devices. Heeding user feedback from the time since the Graph Search was first rolled out, Facebook is now introducing the impactful desktop feature to mobile users.

Facebook Releases Graph Search For Mobile So Users Can Seek Individual Posts

Facebook is also announcing the launch of another search feature which had been repeatedly requested namely the capability to seek individual posts. As per the Facebook announcement, users have been repeatedly asking for the chance to find posts from people and pages previously shared with them. When users want to look back on considerations from friends at a time when they first joined the Facebook site, or locate the awesome article shared via a page in the past week, these are all accessible through a rapid Facebook search.

Those who try to use this feature to find negative information on former friends and acquaintances should bear in mind that users will only be able to search from posts of persons whom they are currently connected with. For those who do not have a connection, the posts will not be searchable unless the profile is set to public status.

So users need not worry that people unconnected to them may find information shared years ago that could be embarrassing. It may be the right time to revisit privacy settings of later posts so everything shared is now viewable and easily searched. This update in no way changes what users are able to view. it only makes the change regarding the manner in which users can go about finding the posts.

When public posts are searched for, posts from individuals whom one has a connection with will be prioritized over posts from unconnected persons. The search results are customized plus unique for every user.

Looking for individual posts is easy and intuitive now and it can be done through typing a few words employed in the post. If your friend Mabel shared her recipe for strawberry mousse in the last week and you want to try it out for yourself, you could look for “strawberry mousse recipe Mabel” to locate the post again.

As Graph Search is only accessible in US English, the updates announced will only be obtainable in this language. Moreover, thee updates will only be available to PC desktop and iPhone users. Whether the features will be brought to Android will be decided by Facebook based on feedback, a company spokesperson said. The time-frame as to when the features will be accessible for Android users has not been provided so far. For more data on Facebook search, users can go to the microsite at

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