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Analytics for Apps was introduced two years ago and now Facebook has renamed it as Facebook Analytics. It has been updated to track Facebook pages and offline conversions making it easier to draw insights.

Using Facebook Analytics business owners can measure and understand the interactions people have with your page along with the other activity on the website, app and bot. Business can also track how online interactions lead to in-store purchases with the addition of support for offline conversions. This way it becomes easier to track if people browsing items on the website convert into sales at brick-mortar store.

“We're often surprised by the amount of time businesses spend in analytics tools — hunting for insights, anomalies or clues that will inform their next experiment and drive their next wave of growth. That's why we're pleased to announce automated insights.”

With Automated Insights, you can track changes in purchases for a new version of your app, you can also see the variations in engagement across different cities. With the new feature it’s easier to get these insights in an automated way and quickly.

Custom Dashboards let you pin your most important reports in one place and it’s easy for you to keep an eye.

More exciting features

We also launched a number of enhancements to our existing features to help you get the most out of your analytics.

  • Streamlined event source groups: We've added the ability to create event source groups directly from your dashboard, making it straightforward to set up omni-channel analytics by combining your different event sources such as pixels, apps, and Pages.
  • Omni-channel custom audiences: You can now create custom audiences based on people's behavior across your app, website and bot, such as people who viewed an item on both your e-commerce store and your native shopping app.
  • User properties for web: User properties provides you with additional segmentation criteria based on things you know, such as a customer's frequent flyer status. We're extending support for user properties from apps to websites, and bringing this feature out of beta.
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