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Facebook has officially announced Messenger ads for marketers. In an official blogpost, Facebook said, “Today, we're announcing new features and improvements to the Messenger Platform that developers have been asking for. Designed to provide visibility into optimal entry points, enhance existing conversations, and enable you to build better overall experiences, Messenger Platform v1.3 will give you more opportunities to effectively reach and engage over 1 billion people who use Messenger every month.”

The ads will be shown to people who have an open and existing conversation with a brand, says Facebook. They further said, “With the introduction of referral parameters for links, you can now easily identify how someone found you in Messenger. This will also allow you to more effectively measure traffic attribution for bots and help you determine the best entry point to your Messenger experience. Another great use case the parameter enables is creating dedicated entry points to specific features or flows within a bot. You can now easily implement a coupon program, enhance/track virality with a referral program, and much more.”

However, the sponsored images can have only one link and one photo, and these campaigns can’t run simultaneously on Facebook or Instagram. But Facebook will let an advertiser to run an ad on Facebook that can link to messenger account of the advertiser to let people start conversation with the brand.

Advertisers will be charged for the sponsored messages every time and ad appears in the users messenger box, even if the person doesn’t open the sponsored message.

Marketers will now be able to reach people in News Feed and direct them to messenger. “This is an ad destination we began testing a few months ago and we are happy to announce that this is now available to all Facebook advertisers. Early adopters have used these News Feed ads to open conversations in Messenger in order to raise awareness of their brand campaigns and increase sales.”


Facebook Rolls Out Ads in Messenger

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