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Facebook brings a joyous time for retailers, as they announced a new ad type : Product Ads. This new launch will help marketers advertise specific products to people specifically, by using automated avenue. Advertisers will now have the potential to promote specific or multiple products in their catalogs to various audiences.

Facebook Rolls Out New “Product Ads” Unit!

The efficiencies for the marketers will come in a variety of formats. Marketers can leverage multi-product ads that highlight different items and elements. According to the official Facebook announcement, the multi-product ad can also be used to highlight “the different benefits of a single product.” These multi-product ads will allow for up to five ad iterations to help advertisers boost clicks and conversions.

Facebook Rolls Out New “Product Ads” Unit!

The other benefit from this launch is the ability to dynamically promote specific products. The dynamic product ads will work with both the single and multiple product ads for both web and app visitors. To start with the ‘product ads’ unit, advertisers will need to upload their products catalog to Facebook Business Manager and hence create a list of the products that they would like to advertise.

After the completion of these steps, advertisers will need to set up their custom audience pixel (or SDK, if for an app) to track the viewed products, added products and purchased products. Then, a template for the ads will be created that will be dynamically filled with the proper products.

Facebook Rolls Out New “Product Ads” Unit!

Product Ads are available via API access, and the functionality will roll out to Power Editor in the coming weeks. To get further information, visit official Facebook post and know more on the dynamic product ads or multiple product ads.

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