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Facebook has launched an ad customization tool that will help mobile application owners in keeping their users engaged. A marketer can design a campaign targeted towards specific sub-set of users through a few clicks, which will nudge them to complete or at least continue with the desired action.

Although, there are a hundred ways to mix & match available data but marketers mostly look for four types of actions:

  • Registration
  • Purchase
  • App opens
  • Rewards

Marketers can create new "custom audience" for each campaign. For example, if they want to push people who haven't made a purchase in a while to buy again. What they have to do is:

After filling in the description boxes, choose "Mobile Purchase" from a selection of completed events. Other events in the field include "Mobile App Launches". Marketers can also specify the dollar amount spent over a specific time period. They can also pick the people who have spent over $100 or can go for cheapskates.

Facebook Rolls-out Custom Audience Ads for Enhanced Mobile App Engagement

The main feature of the tool is "exclude" option. In the example discussed above, marketers can pick everyone who has shopped in the last 30 days, leaving behind the people who have shopped in past one week.

The tool can also target the buyers who left items in shopping cart or those who started with the purchase but didn’t complete the registration process.

Facebook Rolls-out Custom Audience Ads for Enhanced Mobile App Engagement

Marketers can also target the users who have the app installed but haven't returned recently or those who have reached a specific level in a game app.

Facebook says:

"JackThreads tested this new capability and achieved over 8x Return on Ad Spend by targeting people from their mobile app who added items to their carts but did not complete a purchase. And in another campaign, JackThreads achieved over 4x Return on Ad Spend by targeting purchasers from the last 30 days, but not from the past day".

Ability to create similar ads on the basis of website actions will be the next roll out from Facebook. It will target people who have visited the website in past week with an ad suggesting them to try the app. Or it will target people who have registered on the website, suggesting them that they can now shop through their mobile app.

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