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Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will be rolling out a new design for the right column ads in the coming months. The company announced the move in a blog post, confirming that it is switching to fewer but bigger ads. This is how the new ads will look like:

Facebook Unveils New Design for Right Column Ads, Makes them Bigger but Fewer

The new ads will have the same proportions as the desktop news feed ads, making them larger than the current side bar ads. This means the marketers will no longer have to choose separate images for News Feed and the right-hand rail. They can now use the same image for both.

According to what Facebook claimed in the blog post, the new units received up to three times higher engagement than the older ones, this makes way for better click-through rates. "For advertisers, this means a simpler way to create ads and an enhanced visual creative canvas on the right-hand column of Facebook," the company wrote in the post.

The new design will be rolled out to few advertisers later this month and will be made available to rest of them later this year. The company confirmed that both larger and smaller ads will be equally supported unless a complete transition takes over.

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