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Facebook has announced a new design for the News Feed. The aim of this design is to provide the Facebook users with a unified experience across mobiles,  tablets, laptops and desktops. Also, the content and visuals on the News Feed have been visually enhanced. Here are some of the kep features of this update:

Content Based Feeds: The new design will feature multiple News Feeds. They have been divided under the following categories:

  • All Friends: This feed shows the Facebook users what their friends are updating or sharing on Facebook.
  • Photos: This page will feature only photo updates from friends and pages a Facebook user has Liked. 
  • Music: This feed will feature posts on music including music that friends have shared, information about favorite artists and much more.
  • Following: This feed will feature news, updates and information from the Facebook Pages liked by the Facebook user.

Facebook Unveils Exciting New Changes to News Feed!

Bigger Photos: 

The size of every visual on Facebook has increased starting from pictures shared by friends to thumbnails. 

Facebook Unveils Exciting New Changes to News Feed!

Same design across all devices:

The design of Facebook website will remain consistent across all mediums such as mobile, tablet and desktop.

Facebook Unveils Exciting New Changes to News Feed!


Another feature is an enhanced Checkin update. Whenever a user Checks-In it will not appear as a just a status update, but it will also feature a detailed map alongside the update.

Photo Albums:

Photo Albums are also getting a facelift on the News Feed and will be displayed in a bigger size with large boxes for photos.

Facebook informs that the new update is aimed at getting rid of the clutter. We are not yet aware how ads and sponsored stories will be presented on this news design.

Stay put, we will soon post more updates on the new News Feed and how users have responded to this change.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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