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Facebook has updated the way it ranks posts on its News Feed to make sure users do not miss out on posts or stories that are relevant at a particular moment. This will improve the way posts which are important at a particular time are showed in the News Feed apart from the other updates that are constantly posted on your wall.

Facebook looks into these two factors to find out which story is more important at that particular moment:

  • Stories that are trending as soon as they occur: When a friend or page posts a story that is trending at that time on Facebook, it is more likely to appear higher in the News Feed. Facebook says that this update leads to more than 6% increase in people engaging with these stories.

Facebook Updates News Feed to Show More Timely Posts from Pages and Friends

  • Rate at which people like or comment on a post: Another factor that Facebook takes into account is the number of likes and comments a post receives in order to determine where it should be placed in the News Feed.

If people engage with a post right after it is posted but not much after a few hours, this suggests that the post was more interesting at the time of posting than at a later date. Depending on this the post is more likely to appear higher on the News Feed earlier and and appear lower at a later date.

Facebook confirmed that it will be gradually rolling out these changes but there will not be significant changes in the distribution pattern of the posts as a result of these changes. Facebook also suggests page owners to continue producing great and relevant content that resonates with their audience in order to make sure that they appear higher up on the News Feed.

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