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CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is now soaring past 4 billion video views a day on the network. That is higher than the numbers released in January and quadruple the daily views reported in September.

Now this may trigger a discussion about the threat Facebook poses to the video king YouTube. The last time Google’s video network reported statistics for daily views in January 2012, it was said to be 4 billion. That would have stooped up now. But if we talk about metric comparisons between the two services, they are tricky because Facebook counts a three second pause on one of its autoplay videos as a view while YouTube’s count is triggered after a longer duration.

Facebook is garnering more attention and is getting stronger as a major player status in video. Video also ties in nicely into its mobile and advertising strategies as COO Sheryl Sandberg noted during the company’s first quarter earnings call. She said that more than 75% of video views on Facebook are generated from mobile devices, and also stated the fact that there is so much video consumption, means people have been primed to see video ads. “We’ve always believed that the format of our ads should follow the format of what consumers are doing on Facebook,” she said.

It’s a ripe opportunity for marketers, Sandberg said, noting that brands and even SMBs are taking advantage.

“Brand marketers particularly but I think all marketers have the opportunity to do video,” she said. “And that’s pretty exciting, even SMBs who never would be able to hire a film crew and buy a TV ad. Over 1 million SMBs have posted videos and done really small ad buys around them. And that’s pretty cool because I don’t think there are 1 million advertisers who have bought TV ads in that same period of time.”

Zuckerberg also said that 80,000 Facebook videos have been embedded on third-party sites in the first month after the feature was made available. Adding to that, Zuckerberg said spherical video will be coming to people’s News Feeds this year.

“Supporting new types of content like this,” he said, “is an important part of preparing for the future of how people want to share.”

Some other interesting notes from today’s Facebook call:

  • People make more than 1 billion searches on mobile per day on Facebook.
  • Instagram now has 200 million people who use the service daily. Instagram users spend an average of 21 minutes daily on the network.
  • In the United States, more than one of every five minutes spent on mobile are on Facebook or Instagram.
  • More than 45 billion messages a day are sent on Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook has added VOIP calls to WhatsApp; Messenger accounts for more than 10% of mobile VOIP calls globally.
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