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Facebook brand pages have the Timeline too. This is old news. What we are discussing here is the new features that the business pages have with the Timeline. As we mentioned in a previous post – Facebook has done away with default landing tabs. Also Facebook has stated that cover cannot have any call to action terms like-“Get it now”. You cannot offer any price/purchase info or your contact info on the cover photo. You cannot ask users to ‘LIKE’ you anymore.

However, there are other features that you can optimize for your brand page, which we have discussed below:

Smarter Apps:

The default tabs and apps that were earlier on the left hand side of the page are right on top, just below the cover photo. This area of a brand Page is known as 'Views and Apps'. Users can refer to this area to navigate thru your page’s timeline better.


You can have only 4 apps showing in the default view. And, no, you cannot remove photos from this section. The rest of the apps are indicated by the drop-down menu of all other tabs or apps. Your apps should have a thumbnail of 107 x 70 pixels in size.

The Tabs Have Varying Width

You have been given a choice of two widths while creating tabs now on the new business page Timeline. The first option is a narrow width of 520 pixels and the other one is wider at 810 pixels.


With the wider frame, you have more area to play around with apps.

Tell The World When Your Brand is mentioned

Your followers do not have to tag your name with an ‘@’ symbol anymore. If they mention you simply also, it will show up in your feed. And will appear on the walls.


You can expect to build interest in users coming to the page via a ‘sponsored story’ ad, by showing them the relevant post by a friend. By default, users on a page will see their friends’ activities on a page right on top of the Timeline.

Admin verification

You don’t have to reach a certain number of fans before you can identify yourself as the rightful owner of the page. With the Timeline, you can choose to verify your brand's admins at any time.


It is believed that admins and page managers will require an email address related to the brand in order to be verified.

Facebook ads

Now promote your page with an ad even faster as you can simply click on the 'Cog' under the cover photo or next to the message button. From the drop down menu appearing before you, you must click on 'Promote with an advert'. You can also go via the admin panel to create an ad.

Pin Weekly Top Posts

Your favorite post can be on top of the page for a whole week! So, people will see it right at first, on the top of your timeline when they visit your Page. As you can see, this post created on 23rd of February is still on top till the 2nd of March.


Pinning a story to the top is really easy. All you have to do is hover-over the pencil icon at the top right hand corner of any post and select 'Pin to Top'. Unpin it and the post will return it to its normal place on the Timeline.


All these features are quite helpful in creating a strong brand presence. Is there anything that is still amiss? Do share your views.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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