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Today, Eric Schmidt, Google's Chairman, was caught engaging with an eager audience comprising of  social and search experts and enthusiasts during a Fireside chat session at the  Big Tent Activate Summit New Delhi 2013.

Yesterday he spoke at NASSCOM Start-up Program Launch. In our coverage of the yesterday's event we informed that Schmidt has instructed every start-up company to invest in mobile apps and data analytic space.

Fireside Chat With Eric Schmidt: Big Tent Activate Summit New Delhi 2013 #bigtentindia!

Here is the coverage of today's Fireside chat session with Eric Schmidt.

In today's' session Schmidt again stressed on the importance of mobiles and informed that it is the future. Shifting his focus from mobile Schmidt informed everyone that Android and Chrome OS are not going to be merged as they are meant to solve different problems. On a casual note he told everyone that he is a BlackBerry user as it has a keypad similar to the keyboard.

Lot of people have been wanting to know when will the launch of Google LG Nexus take place in India. Without giving a confirmatory date, Schmidt informs that it will happen soon.

Fireside Chat With Eric Schmidt: Big Tent Activate Summit New Delhi 2013 #bigtentindia!

Speaking about online privacy he explained that even if Google was not around the issue of online privacy would still prevail in another form.

Eric Schmidt, while addressing one of the major issues of corruption in the world says that, “If everything is on internet investigation is easier. We truly agree with this and second it as well.

In a final quick fire session Alan Rusbridger, the Editor of The Guardian asked the following questions from Schmidt:

Rusbridger: Amazon and Apple

Schmidt: Apple, it is a great company and they will continue to make beautiful products. Schmidt said that Amazon is also good, but he chooses Apple.

Rusbridger: Twitter and Facebook

Schmidt: He prefers Facebook, however, he says that “Facebook is in a transition phase, I don't know what they are transitioning to.”

Rusbridger: Ipad or Ipad Mini

Schmidt: He replies that he has both but he prefers Ipad as he finds Ipad mini a little too small.

Rusbridger: Blackberry and Iphone

Schmidt: Prefers Blackberry as it has a keypad similar to keyboard.

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Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
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