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When the cold season lashes it’s even colder tail on the faces of people, they start searching for a nice holiday for summers. Google says that every year in winters, there is a rise in searches for spring and summer travel. Now with the improvised version of Google Flights, it will be easier to plan the trip “that is right for you.”

Here are a few tips to help you book your dream vacation this year:-

1. No matter what the day of travel is, grab the best deal!

You can find great deals any day of the week- which works best if you are flexible with your travel dates. Use the calendar in Google Flights to scroll through the months you are targeting to travel and see the lowest fare highlighted for each day. To move ahead, you can also check the lowest fares graph beneath the calendar to see how prices may fluctuate due to the season, holidays or other events. Preferences can be set so that the calendar adjusts to show only those flights and fares that suit your needs. The best part is, if you make all your selections, but Google determines there’s a cheaper option available, it will tip you off to cheaper dates or cheaper routes to make sure you’re satisfied with what you have chosen.

Fly High With Improved Google Flight Search!

2. Don’t worry if you don’t have a destination in mind!

It’s not necessary to have a place in mind to head towards. Sometimes all you know is that you need a holiday, irrespective of what the place is. All you want is to relax at a beach whether it is Goa, Caribbean or Greece.

Fly High With Improved Google Flight Search!

Google’s research shows that more than half of the searchers don’t even know where they are going to travel when they sit down to plan. On their official blog, Google posted “ With Google Flights, you can search for regions or whole countries, like “Flights to Europe” and “Flights to Mexico." Or, expand the map to scan the entire world and see accurate prices for all the different cities you can fly to, along with filters for your flight preferences. If you’re in a particularly adventurous-or lazy-mood, select the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on the map and we’ll suggest ideas for where to go based on popular destinations and your past search history.”

However, always remember that cheapest need not be the best option always. Sometimes going for cheap route means multiple connections instead of none, which is why Google Flights has long offered the Best Flights feature that helps to find the best combination of price and convenience.

Fly High With Improved Google Flight Search!

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