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Google+ Team has announced an update that will increase the engagement of the post and expand its reach. 

Your Followers' +1 Activity will now Extend the Life of Google+ Posts!

In team will be rolling out a feature that will highlight the posts that are being +1ed as "activity update". But, these posts might not be able to secure themselves a position in the What's Hot list of popular posts. Based on your settings, if you +1 a post, it can automatically get highlighted as an activity update in the Stream of people who are in your circles. The post will say who +1ed the post and it will be accompanied by a button that will let the viewer add that person into his/her circle.

Controlled Activity Updates

The activity updates will only be visible to particular people. If your post is originally shared within a certain circle, it won't appear to followers on your profile or even in their stream. The case will remain the same even if it is a highlighted post.

If you don't want your +1 activity to be visible to your followers to appear as public post, you can control the post. All you have to do is open your Google+ settings and change it under "Apps and activities" to certain circles, followers, or no one. The option is currently not present but will be rolling out in the near future. Once the update is rolled out, the setting will automatically change to "extended circles".

However, there is no way by which you can take the highlighted posts out of your stream. In case one or many circles have large number of highlighted posts, you can turn down the volume of the posts or even turn it off from the Home.

Value of Activity Updates

Activity updates will be great for businesses and individuals who want to expand the reach of their post. An Activity update becomes a mini What's Hot product that can help you in putting a post and a brand in front of bigger number of people. The Activity update can also help in increasing the number of followers, especially when an "add to circles" button is present with all the activity update posts.

The activity updates will be of great help to individuals who are looking for quality content and content creators. They will receive recommendations from the people within the circle, when a great content is being generated by a Google+ user.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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