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While SEOs are still debating over the recent addition of structured data in Google search results, Bing too has made a similar or even more significant change in the search results. The search engine will be showing full song lyrics, when a user will search for a particular song. At present, the change will be visible only in the U.S. but Bing has plans of expand it outside the U.S. in the next few months.

As told by Bing, the change is available for 500,000 songs and more will be added soon.

Full Song Lyrics Now Appearing in Bing Search Results

How it Works?

If the lyrics of a song are available, Bing will show a portion of the song and "see more" link that will lead to the entire song. On the right site, Bing will show information of the song/artist from its snapshot feature.

In case of a song that has multiple songs with same or similar titles, Bing will not show lyrics for the search. However, lyrics may show up for songs from any music genre. It is currently sourcing the lyrics from a website named LyricFind.

There are a lot of online lyrics sites, which are good at SEO but deliver a bad user experience by showing multiple pop-ups, auto-play, and ad-heavy pages. The addition by Bing will make it easier for searchers to find lyrics on the search result pages.

What's there to worry about for Bing is that most of the lyrics on these sites are wrong. So, there are chances that the lyrics that Bing shows up may not be transcribed carefully. For some users, it doesn't matter if the lyrics are accurate however, if a search engine is showing content, it should be correct.

Another implication is the search traffic to lyrics sites. As revealed in comScore estimates for August, Bing has less than one-third of the market share that Google has, so the move may not harm Google a lot. But, if Google starts showing full song lyrics, it can hurt Bing.

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