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Google has been adding new features to Google Analytics for years. It has now announced the release of all the data in the Core Reporting API.

Custom Dimensions and Metrics

The team will be using the API to provide query for custom dimensions and metrics. Developers can send unique IDs to Google Analytics using the custom dimensions. They can later use the core reporting API for retrieving the IDs and other Google Analytics data.

Here's an example: If your CMS can pass a content ID as custom dimension by using the Google Analytics tracking code. The API can be used to get list of the popular content by ID. They can also list the most popular content on the website using the feature.

Mobile Dimensions and Metrics

Google Analytics team has added more mobile dimensions and metrics. This also includes the ones found in the Mobile App Analytics reports:

  • ga:appId
  • ga:appVersion
  • ga:appName
  • ga:appInstallerId
  • ga:landingScreenName
  • ga:screenDepth
  • ga:screenName
  • ga:exitScreenName
  • ga:timeOnScreen
  • ga:avgScreenviewDuration
  • ga:deviceCategory
  • ga:isTablet
  • ga:mobileDeviceMarketingName
  • ga:exceptionDescription
  • ga:exceptionsPerScreenview
  • ga:fatalExceptionsPerScreenview

Local Currency Metrics

While sending Google Analytics multiple currencies; you can now access the local currency of the transactions with new data:

  • ga:currencyCode
  • ga:localItemRevenue
  • ga:localTransactionRevenue
  • ga:localTransactionShipping
  • ga:localTransactionTax

Time Dimensions

Time based dimensions are also added to simplify your working with reporting data:

  • ga:dayOfWeekName
  • ga:dateHour
  • ga:isoWeek
  • ga:yearMonth
  • ga:yearWeek

Traffic Source Dimensions

Two new traffic source dimensions have also been added. One traffic source dimension will return the full URL of the referral.

  • ga:fullReferrer
  • ga:sourceMedium

You can look at the Core Reporting API changelog to get complete list of the new data. 

Check out the Core Reporting API Dimensions and Metric explore for all the data definitions.

You can also check the new data within Query Explorer tool.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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