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Mobile is expanding at a fast pace in terms of usage as well as screen size. Keeping this in mind, Google has added the Mobile Usability feature to Google’s Webmaster Tools.

This new feature enables identification of issues pertaining to mobile usability with graphs so that progress can be tracked. Mobile friendly sites can be easily accessed via smartphones. Google’s Mobile Usability reports display issues such as flash content, fixed-width viewports, missing viewport (important meta-tag for mobile pages), tiny fonts, content not sized to viewport, as well as clickable links/buttons too close against each other.

Google Adds Mobile Usability Reports as a New Feature to Webmaster Tools

The recent announcement was made regarding a new feature available in Google Webmaster Tools and it can be seen at webmasters/tools/mobile-usability within Google Webmaster Tools. These tools display common usability issues with the site so that the mobile experience for users can be enhanced through improvement on these scores. John Mueller in the announcement has indicated his team “strongly recommend you take a look at these issues in Webmaster Tools.”

As mobile sites score on ranking because mobile ranking is part of overall traffic, it becomes clear that these new reports from Google have a lot of impact for the sites ahead.

NOTE: Google’s Web Fundamentals can enhance the website further and make it mobile friendly.

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