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Following the footsteps of last year, where Google launched a new way for musical artists to list their upcoming events on Google: schema.org markup on their official websites, this year Google is expanding this program in 4 ways.

1. Official Ticket Links – If the artists mark up their ticketing links along with the events on their official website, Google will show an expanded answer for user’s event search on Google, including the on-sale date, availability and a direct link to the preferred ticketing site, making it more easier to know everything in one go. Just like before, artists may write the event markup directly into their site’s HTML, or simply install an event widget that builds in the markup for them automatically—like Bandsintown, BandPage, GigPress, ReverbNation or Songkick.

2. Delegated Event Listings- What if the artist’s website doesn’t list their event at all? Google brings in delegation markup where in the artists can tell Google to source their events from a page of their choice on another website. Artists just need to add following markup to their homepage, making sure to customize the three red values.

The marked up events found on other even site pages will then be eligible for Google events features. Examples of sites artists can point to in the "event" field include bandpage.com, bandsintown.com, songkick.com, and ticketmaster.com.

3. Comedian Events – Not only is Google thinking for people who love music, but for those who love to roll on the floor laughing. Google is bringing up comedians performances to show up on their site. Comedians just need to add Comedy Event Markup to their official website. Or, if another site like laughstub.com has their complete event listings, they can use delegation markup on their home page to point Google to their way.

4. Venue Events – Google is also starting to show venue listings on their website. Concert venues, theaters, libraries, fairgrounds, and so on: artists and comedians can list their upcoming events eligible for display across Google by adding Event markup to their official website. As with artist events, they have a choice of writing the event markup directly into their site’s HTML, or using a widget or plugin that builds in the markup. Also, if all their events are ticketed by a primary ticketer whose website provides markup, artists don’t have to do anything! Google will read the ticketer’s markup and apply it toward their venue’s event listings.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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