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Google has announced the addition of new reports to their newly renamed Search Console to show how they treat and understand your app content in search results. Their ultimate goal is to make the Search Console a “comprehensive source of information” for users who care about search, irrespective of the format of their content. Search Console is by all means, the new go-to place for search stats.

Here is a step-by-step list for you to follow:-

1. Open the Search Console and enter you app name : android-app://com.example. However, Google will only show data to the authorized app owners, so you will have to use your Google Play account to let Search Console know you have access to the app. You can ask an owner to verify the app in Search Console and add you if you don’t have access to your app in Google Play.

2. For App Indexing to Work, you will have to associate your site with your app. This also helps with understanding and ranking the app content better.

3. You can track detailed information within Search Analytics Report on top queries, top app pages, and traffic by country. It also has set of filters that will allow you to narrow down to a specific query type or region, or sort by clicks, impressions, CTR, and positions.

“Use the Search Analytics report to compare which app content you consider most important with the content that actually shows up in search and gets the most clicks. If they match, you’re on the right track! Your users are finding and liking what you want them to see. If there’s little overlap, you may need to restructure your navigation, or make the most important content easier to find. Also worth checking in this case: have you provided deep links to all the app content you want your users to find?”

4. If Google encounters error while indexing your app content, they won’t be able to show deep links for those app pages in search results. The Crawl Errors report will show you the type and number of errors they’ve detected.

5. Google has also created an alpha version of the Fetch as Google tool for apps to help you check if an app URL works and to see how Google renders it. Google said, “It can also be useful for comparing the app content with the webpage content to debug errors such as content mismatch. In many cases, the mismatch errors are caused by blocked resources within the app or by pop-ups asking users to sign in or register. Now you can see and resolve these issues.”

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Navneet Kaushal
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