Google AdSense Goes Beyond Login Screen!

Jun 6, 2007 | 2,207 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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In an extremely useful and relevant post Jennifer Slegg writes about how “Google now targets AdSense on pages behind password protection”.

With this new service AdSense Publishers can go beyond a login screen and place all the ads you want through an authentication process. Previously, ads were also focused on 'page, simply "themed" ads, or worse, display PSAs'. This feature in a few easy steps can land you behind whichever login screen you choose.


  1. “Enter an authentication rule: Specify an authentication URL and a set of parameters that will allow Google's web crawlers to access your content.
  2. Verify your site ownership using Google Webmaster Tools. We will direct you to Google Webmaster Tools, where you can verify that you own the site by uploading a file to it or changing the META tag of a file.
  3. View your improved ad targeting. When your authentication rule is verified, you should see better ad targeting on your pages. You can check the status of your authentication rules at any time.

Most AdSense publishers feel the application is not live yet as not many can access it yet. For more details and how to understand it better, read AdSense Help Center.

4.thumbnail Google AdSense Goes Beyond Login Screen!

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Google AdSense Goes Beyond Login Screen!
4.thumbnail Google AdSense Goes Beyond Login Screen!