Jul 9, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

For the users of Lightbox ads, Google announced the introduction of three new columns on AdWords reporting dashboard, for AdWords Display reporting. The announcement was made without any bustle, on Google+. This is likely to make it easy to view the metrics that matters most to the users, namely, Engagements, Engagement Rates and Average CPE.

To put it simply, these are just renamed metrics:

  • Expansions will be transposed from “Clicks” to the Engagement section.
  • Expansion rate will take its place in the Engagement rate column from now on.
  • Average cost of expansions will now be seen in the Average CPE section and not the Average CPC column.

Google AdWords Adds Three Columns To The Reports Dashboard

Not only this, the Click metrics columns(“Clicks,” “CTR,” and “Avg. CPC”) will now site clicks from the Lightbox ad in its expanded state.

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Ritu Sharma
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