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AdWords in a blog post shared insights on Black Friday shopping. They have shared the data on what works and what not for businesses.

They have also shared the data by day, week or month. Google said: “To help you understand where shoppers will be and what to expect, we looked at foot traffic patterns in stores across the U.S. during Black Friday last year. We uncovered some surprising findings that should enable you to better connect with shoppers in and near your stores.”

Google AdWords Brings Insights Into Store Traffic Trends

Superstores, malls and discount stores see the highest traffic on Saturday before Christmas.while Dollar stores get the maximum traffic on Christmas eve. However for electronics and mobile phone stores see the highest foot traffic on Black Friday.

Google AdWords Brings Insights Into Store Traffic Trends

“Tip for retailers: Use location extension targeting to encourage shoppers, who are near your stores, to  choose you. If you already run local inventory ads, which trigger if your product is in-stock at a store nearby, you can add location extension targeting and reach customers who are anywhere from 0.4 to 40 miles from your store.”

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