Nov 5, 2014 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

After brining dynamic insertion to a whole new level, Google has now launched bulk editing for ad extensions and campaign settings. It will eliminate the process of making changes in the extensions and settings within AdWords user interface for one campaign or ad group at a time.

Marketers can now edit sitelink extensions, location targeting, ad rotation, and more on multiple campaigns at once. This will reduce the management hours and improve the performance of marketers.

Google AdWords Campaign Settings & Ad Extensions Get Bulk Editing

If you want to make bulk changes in campaign settings, click on the Edit dropdown from Settings tab. An option to make bulk changes to budget, location, campaign end dates, ad schedule, delivery method, ad rotation, and language will appear.

Google has also updated bulk uploads which include more intuitive spreadsheet formats, ability to preview updates and check for errors before posting them, and in-context option that allows you to upload changes directly into relevant campaign & ad group.

Google AdWords Campaign Settings & Ad Extensions Get Bulk Editing

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Ritu Sharma
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