Aug 21, 2014 114 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google will be rolling out new Conversion Setting over the coming weeks that will give marketers the flexibility to choose specific conversions to include in bid automation.

Google AdWords Gets New Conversion Setting to Focus Bid Automation on the Most Valuable Conversions

The automated bidding uses auction-time signals for driving more conversions, which matter the most to your business. You can count the conversions such as sales, leads, email sign-ups etc. that AdWords ads have generated for your business, while keeping the bid automation focused on getting only most important conversions.

The Conversions column will still display the total number of conversions. If the Conversions setting is enabled in campaign, the New Conversions Optimization columns will show performance of the optimized conversion type, even on bidding manually. Marketers can also isolate the conversion data for conversion type they feel is important in the reporting without using bid strategies.

A customer may visit your site for a number of reasons, which might not end up in a purchase. The new setting will make it easier for marketers to focus bid automation on most valuable conversions, while keeping an eye on all the activities driven by the ad.

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Ritu Sharma
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