May 5, 2016 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google has launched version 11.4 of AdWords Editor. The latest version offers support for mobile app install campaigns for display, app and review and review extensions, and frequency capping.

Here are some important features:

Faster campaign creation

The “Add campaign” button now has a drop-down menu that lets you select which campaign type to create. When you create campaigns this way, certain default settings specific to campaign types will be set. For example, for video campaigns, bidding is set to Manual CPV, video settings are enabled, and two content exclusions are pre-configured. For Shopping campaigns, languages are set to “all.”

Ads and extensions are separated in navigation

In the type list, ads and extensions are now separated into two sections: “Ads” and “Ad extensions.”

App extensions

You can now create and edit app extensions in AdWords Editor. App extensions showcase your mobile or tablet app by showing a link to your app below your ad. 

Review extensions

AdWords Editor now fully supports review extensions, which highlight third-party reviews in your ads.

Mobile app installs

You can now create mobile app installs campaigns for your Display Network ads in AdWords Editor. 

Broad match modifier in “Ignore match type” option

The find duplicate keywords tool now ignores the broad match modifier match type when you select the “Ignore match type” option. 

Target CPA bid strategy

You can now change your campaign’s bid strategy to Target CPA. 

Frequency capping

To limit the number of times the same person will see your Display Network ad, you can now edit the frequency capping campaign setting and export it for archiving and sharing. However, CSV import and export aren’t supported.

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Ritu Sharma
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